One of the most important teams supporting electronic music in New York for over a decade, The Bunker New York operates an ever-evolving platform that includes a record label, party series, special concert events, a booking agency and much more. The Bunker New York is truly a community of like minds devoted primarily to pushing at the borders of techno, with a viewpoint that sees electronic music in a broader context extending far beyond the oft-monochromatic confines of today’s EDM scene.

Launched this week, The Bunker New York’s Drip channel is a subscription service ideal for newcomers and longtime fans alike. Membership provides access to all of the organization's activities—including reduced-admission guest list for The Bunker New York events in NYC, receiving music from the label on release day (starting with 2015 EPs from Løt.te and new signing Romans), instant downloads of three back-catalog releases, a first shot at limited-edition vinyl releases, exclusive content, sneak previews of upcoming material, and beyond. Of equal importance to fans, The Bunker New York Drip feed will be a way for fans to interact directly with The Bunker New York’s community of label heads, resident DJs, and artists.

About The Bunker New York
The Bunker New York was launched as a weekly party in New York in 2003, and twelve years later, still produces two or more events per month in Brooklyn in addition to one-off events across the US and around the world. These have included special events with festivals like Unsound Festival New York and Mutek. Upcoming Spring / Summer NYC events will feature dub Techno legend Mortiz Von Oswald, a showcase for Giegling (Resident Advisors’ #1 Record label of 2014), resident DJs Derek Plaslaiko and Mike Servito, synth experimentalists Robert A. A. Lowe, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Daren Ho and Antenes, Atom™ & Tobias, Rødhåd and a special night celebrating Pride 2015 with Honey Soundystem, Carlos Souffront and more. Full list below.

So far in 2015 alone, The Bunker New York has presented label showcases at Berghain in Berlin, Output in Brooklyn, Mount Analog in Los Angeles, As You Like It in San Francisco, and Stereo in Montreal.  There are many more planned before year’s end in across Japan, Europe, and North America.

2014 was a pivotal year for The Bunker New York, after eleven years of being at the forefront of New York's electronic music scene as a promoter (read The Bunker An Oral History @ Resident Advisor, founder Bryan Kasenic (Label of the Month and mix @ Self Titled Mag - decided to launch The Bunker New York label (Labels We Love, Newcomers Worth Watching @ XLR8R -

In it's first year, The Bunker New York imprint managed to release ten bold takes on Techno (Going Underground, Philip Sherburne, Bandcamp - leading to Resident Advisor voting the label one of the Top 20 labels of 2014 (Top 20 Labels of 2014 @ Resident Advisor and XLR8R voting the label one of their Top 10 labels of 2014 (XLR8R's Best of 2014: Labels

The Bunker New York’s first year of releases included music from established artists who frequently perform at their events like Voices >From The Lake, Reagenz (Move D & Jonah Sharp), Atom™, Forma and Marco Shuttle alongside newcomers like Leisure Muffin, Clay Wilson, Løt.te, and Zemi17 making music inspired by the sets they heard at The Bunker. The Bunker New York really like poking at the edges of what techno can really mean, while keeping things pretty psychedelic, and not necessarily tied to any one genre.

Bryan Kasenic‘s recent mix for Thump ( gives a taste of some of the directions the label will be headed in 2015.

More than a party and a label, The Bunker has always been about the community that surrounds it. With this Drip, they aim to make a deeper connection with their dedicated community of subscribers.

About Drip
Drip is a independent platform for creators, artists and labels, built with the ideals of creating a more sustainable and consistent form of financial support paired with richer engagement and communication for members.

To date, Drip has curated over 50 creators and creative communities, such as musicians (Christopher Willits, Mike Doughty, They Might Be Giants) and independent music labels (Domino, Sub Pop, Stones Throw, Ninja Tune) and can be checked out here:

Upcoming The Bunker New York Releases

Løt.te – “History of Discipline EP” out mid-May

Debut EP from Romans (aka Tin Man & Gunnar Haslam) summer, exact date TBA

Upcoming The Bunker New York Events

  Movement Festival Weekend in Detroit) The Bunker and Interdimensional Transmission present No Way Back

Movement Festival Weekend in Detroit) The Bunker and Interdimensional Transmission present No Way Back

  Movement Festival Weekend in Detroit -   Dirty Epic presents Anthology with The Bunker New York showcase

Movement Festival Weekend in Detroit - Dirty Epic presents Anthology with The Bunker New York showcase



Further Information on The Bunker New York

Press Contact for The Bunker New York - Gamall, Backspin Promotions