Her first release since last year's well received "Wait Till Night' album, which by contrast featured synths and live instruments with Cooly's vocals, these are five tracks of house music, the Cooly G way, stripped down to essentials, dark, and built for maximum sound system impact. These have a steely grid that is more common to techno, but at house's slower pace.

Kicking things off with the moody 'Trippin B' with a spiralling three note bassline and a quick dubbed out sample of Cooly's voice, over tough rolling drums, it's the art of keeping it simple and effective. 'Booboo', is all shivery male / female vocal samples and a slipping, sliding drum patterns that subtly warp and transition. 'Flange City' runs a seesawing acidic five note scale over shaky, spacious claps, a rolling drum pattern and a deep sub bass kick. 'Waybay feat Marc Perrineau' is the most straight up track here, a spooky dive into scratchy, scissoring rhythms, with a subtle panning melody over dubby bass. 'Horrors in the Dance' is a wild workout, with strange shapes thrown across bouncing drums that stop and start, build and drop with dub sirens thrown into the deep spaces in between.

This is a powerful, direct return back to the dance floor.

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