Credit: Ashes57

Credit: Ashes57

DJ Spinn is one of the founders of Chicago's Teklife's crew who alongside the late DJ Rashad is credited with bringing the culture of footwork from the streets to the world, touring the planet, even supporting Chance The Rapper across the US, and featuring in newspapers and magazines all over the world too.

Spinn has appeared on lots of tracks with DJ Rashad - but this is his debut EP and solo debut for Hyperdub, and the sound of a producer at the top of their game. From the opener 'Throw It Back' Spinn effortlessly consolidate energies from all over into footwork's 160bpm grid, a rough, creeping acid line rubs against chopped and screwed rap, over a system destroying hip hop beat before a huge drop
heralds in double time kicks.

'The Future is now' is an intense minimal track with a gnarly repetitive melody that bleeps somewhere between acid and 8-bit dancehall, before the drums roll into double pace and a vortex of synths build up into a frantic double speed, claps keeping pace at half time.
'Off that Loud' is a tribute to weed, rapped lyrics are layered and chopped intostuttering patterns against 160 drums over a bed of the most gentle rhodes chords.

The final track on the EP features the talented Detroit MC Danny Brown and is co-produced by the late DJ Rashad. Rashad, Spinn and Danny hit it off while on tour in the US and Danny recorded this Rap for them, that celebrates footwork's Chicago roots. Chopping between jungle breaks and bass, a high-speed jazz guitar and Danny's chorus over footwork kicks and bass, it's a chant-a-long anthem for the scene and the finale to an exciting debut.

Taken From The Release, DJ Spinn: Off That Loud - Released on Hyperdub on 02/10/2015. Video shot and produced by Ashes57

Track list

1. Throw It Back feat Taso & Mimosa
2. The Future Is Now
3. Off That Loud
4. Dubby with Rashad & Danny Brown

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