Credit: Ashes57

Credit: Ashes57

DJ Taye is one of Chicago Footwork crew Teklife's youngest producers with his first full release for Hyperdub after some impressive tracks on the Hyperdub 10 and Nextlife compilations.

Hyperdub are pleased to say this EP is invigorating from the word go. On the relentless stargate of 'Go Away' with DJ Paypal, smooth funk is chipmunked and chopped into a thousand digital shivers and starbursts over a tough grid of drums. 'That Love' feat Tripletrain and DJ Manny is all romantic coos and seesawing keyboard riffs, microedited, stretched, chopped and spring loaded in and out of comprehension.

XTCC’ in contrast is minimal and mournful, with the repeated phrase 'there's a void where there should be ecstasy' over drums that cut from half to double time, over a blanket of bass with sad chords slowly coming in towards the end. 'Break It Down' flips a ferocious yet minimal vocal cut up, coiled around bristling vortex of detailed drum edits, before a goofy melody brings it to a close.

Keep an eye on Taye - he's one for the future.


01. DJ Taye - Go Away feat DJ Paypal
02. DJ Taye- That Love feat Tripletrain and DJ Manny
03. DJ Taye - XTCC feat DJ Earl
04. DJ Taye - Break It Down feat DJ Earl

More about DJ Taye

Born on the south side of Chicago, Dante Sanders, a.k.a. DJ Taye, has been producing since the age of 12 and DJing since the age of 15. He officially joined Ghettotekz (reformed as Teklife now) in the fall of 2010 at the age of 16. He remains the youngest member of Teklife. Listen to select previously released tracks by DJ Taye on Hyperdub below

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