Ltd edition vinyl JULY 29, 2015 / digital AUGUST 29, 2015

Vinyl: 100 Copies clear vinyl 10 inch with locked grooves - buy direct at: 
Digital released one month later.

His first EP since 2013, DVA returns with some fresh collaborations with Addison Groove, Clara La San and Mickey Pearce. The EP will be available as a very limited 10 inch transparent vinyl ONLY from the Hyperdub online shop, and a general digital release. This is an extraordinary EP, colorful, fun experimental and totally focussed.

The EP is a stripped back and vivid suite, using unusual spaces and loose arrangements so as to emphasize sharp rhythmical angles. This is no more clearer than on the lead track, 'Allayallrecords' with Addison Groove, where the music plays hide and seek, deep but energetic in it's ability to play with anticipation.

'Pink22' with up and coming singer Clara La San, is an unfurling letter to an unwanted lover, the production gracefully accompanying the vocal with layers of sand-like noise, hiss, and crackly bass and bleeps on a bed of blue notes.

'Spoonbender' with Mickey Pierce throws slithers of squeaky colour over the top of juddering 'stuck' rhythms, that seem to play with time, suddenly building in a polka-like melody over a stammering beat, before it all breaks down again.

'Perxoflyf' - is the most straight-up dance-floor offering here, with thumping club kicks and cowbell, it's an odd, rubbery refrain and that the only real melody comes in towards the end leave you hungry for more.

Welcome back DVA.


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