Alex from Tokyo presents new label world famous

Tokyo Black Star - Edo Express EP [world famous] - out in November 2, 2015

 Artwork by   Tomokazu Matsuyama

Paris-born, Tokyo-raised, New York-based international eclectic French DJ, music producer and sound designer Alex from Tokyo is very excited to announce the October 2015 launch of his record label "world famous" with a new Tokyo Black Star EP (the first release in three years)!

Working in harmony with music partner and sound/mastering engineer Isao Kumano in Tokyo, Alex from Tokyo formed Tokyo Black Star in 2000 while remixing Big Moses feat. Jan'elle's house classic "For you" for Kerri Chandler's label Bassmental records. Since then Tokyo Black Star has released five EPs including the first-ever release on high-profile Berlin label Innversions (the "Psyche Dance EP," 2005) and their full length debut album “Black Ships” (April 2009, also on Innervisions), an EP on DJ Deep’s Deeply Rooted House label and remixes for artists like Tony Allen (P-Vine records Japan, 1999), Carl Craig (Psyche “Neurotic Behavior” on Planet E, 2011), Phenomenal Handclap Band (Tummy Touch Records, 2013), Bing Ji Ling (Lovemonk), and Kuniyuki (mule music), and among others. 

Always looking for new challenges and sonic adventures, in the summer of 2010 the Tokyo Black Star duo were joined by top Japanese audio professionals at Isao’s studio in Tokyo, leading to the creation of a new “revolutionary” audio brand called phonon (, which makes exceptional pro-audio equipment for studio and DJ use. 

Tokyo Black Star's last release, in 2013, was a special musical contribution called "X"  for a unique celebratory 10th anniversary compilation for Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas fashion brand Y-3.  Alex from Tokyo co-directed the exclusive compilation which can be heard at

The four different straight up house music club tracks here on the "Edo Express EP" showcase Alex from Tokyo's versatile and funky DJ style and come from a very special fun jam session that took place in January 2015 at Isao’s Tokyo Black Star and phonon studio with the help of their great musician/analog equipment otaku friend Kenichi Takagi leading to Kenichi san officially becoming the third Tokyo Black Star member, bringing along some of his favorite old, new and handmade (modular) synths into the mix.

The stunning artwork for the release is done by long-time collaborator the very talented New York based Japanese artist Tomokazu Matsuyama, who has been creating the Tokyo Black Star visual identity since their first release on Innversions in 2005.

world famous will be presenting a wide range of dance floor and eclectic music by Tokyo Black Star, Alex from Tokyo's collaborative projects with other artists and his affiliated japanese and international connections! Mastering for all releases will be done by Isao Kumano.

Alex from Tokyo (Tokyo Black Star, world famous)

  Artwork by  Tomokazu Matsuyama


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